My Annual Gratitude List


As I’ve mentioned in past years, bloggers are required to create a gratitude list each November. I think it’s written in the Affordable Care Act (somewhere between “quagmire” and “socialism”). Here are the things I’m grateful for this year:

  • My address doesn’t include the words “Syria,” “Juarez,” or “Detroit.”
  • I wasn’t involved in a sex scandal. (I wanted to be, but couldn’t make it happen.)
  • American Horror Story. Specifically Jessica Lange. Oh, and Kathy Bates. And Angela Bassett.
  • Shaving cream.
  • Lady Gaga overcoming her debilitating shyness.
  • Denny’s bacon menu.
  • Sloths

sloth(My mascot.)

  • CAPTCHA security codes. (I feel like a secret agent typing the indecipherable letters/numbers.)
  • Dogs with happy, waggy tails.
  • The NSA set up shop in my backyard. Now I can feel safe.
  • Movie theater popcorn.
  • Miley Cyrus taught us how to appropriately appreciate demolition equipment.

miley(Thank you, sledgehammer.)

  • My city has not been used in a headline with the words “typhoon,” “hurricane” or “Anthony Weiner.”
  • Dennis Rodman is our ambassador to North Korea.
  • Pie. Any kind of pie.
  • San Diego.
  • Kim Kardashian finally found true love. Again.
  • Swear words.

People I’m Tired of Hearing About

Give a dog a bone, and he chews it until it’s a messy, pulpy, disgusting pile of goo. Which he then swallows.  Give the media a scandal, and they’ll do the same thing. Is the media just lazy, or are celebrities too easy to talk about? Either way–enough, folks!!


I don’t want to hear another WORD about any of these people(s):

  • Miley Cyrus: I get it. She’s a dirty whore. Guess what? She doesn’t care. Let’s move on.
  • Kris Jenner (aka, The Kardashian Kommandant): She had a talk show? She’s a tight-faced control-freak? Her daughters are tramps? Not news.
  • Paula Deen: She lived in the South. She made a mistake. She apologized. NEXT!
  • One Direction: Just ’cause.

id(All they need is Ego and Super-Ego. Oh, wait. . . )

  • Lady Gaga: What?? She did something crazy? She wore a see-through parachute with Converse high-tops? That’s like saying Alaska was cold last winter.
  • Beyoncé/J-Lo (because they’re interchangeable):  Beyoncé swinging her (daughter?) Clinging Blue Ivy at the park. Beyoncé getting mobbed by fans. Beyoncé’s hot-body advice. Beyoncé’s hot-fashion advice. How ’bout not?
  • Congressmen: Professional re-speakers, they haven’t had an original thought in decades.
  • Reality Show Judges: Don’t watch. Don’t care.

judge(I might watch if Judge Judy was an American Idol judge.)

  • Justin Bieber: Maybe he and Miley can get together and out-disgust each other.
  • Lindsay Lohan: Drug-addled Disney teen who lost her way. I sense a theme.
  • Taylor Swift: If I watch another awards show where I see the camera cut to Taylor for her every reaction, I will throw a shoe at the screen. And then I’ll be angry ’cause I broke my TV.
  • Jennifer Aniston: Married? Single? Pregnant? Upset? Stripping? Vegetarian? Really, people. Don’t you have a life?

I also don’t want to see anyone’s baby bump, plastic surgery scars, fashion mistakes, ultrasounds, blood tests results, tongues, shocking hair cuts/colors, paternity tests, or anyone’s “private hell” or “drop-50-pounds-fast” starvation routine. I call “uncle.”