Top 5 Ways To Simplify Your Life

Simplifying is all the rage. It’s the “in” thing to do. Clear out the clutter, physical and emotional, and enjoy a new, laid-back approach to life.

Okey dokey.

(I’ve had much less for a long time. I must be very simple.)

But where do I start? Here are some simple ideas to put you on the right path.

Simplify daily chores. Do dishes need to be done EVERY day? If I just throw dirty clothes away, isn’t that simplifying? And as for work: Commute less. Take longer breaks. Call in sick and take a “me” day. Work fewer hours. Skip non-essential meetings.  In no time at all, you’ll be fired. Simple as that.

Downsize your life. As a journalist, this isn’t a problem. Reporters around the world are having their lives downsized on a daily basis. This leads to buying smaller homes and cars, eating out less often, living with less, appreciating what you have. Yada, yada, yada. Heeeeeyyy. Wait a minute . . . Simplifying sounds a LOT like poverty.

(Former Pulitzer prize-winning journalist.)

Simplify your communications. Must you be on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube ALL the time? Do you have to text, instant message, ping, pong, email, snail mail, Morse code, Bluetooth and any other new-fangled way of communicating. How about just TALKING?

Simplify meals. Only stock your pantry or fridge with ingredients you’ll use. All that expired hummus, coconut milk and edamame? Throw it out and replace it with Hostess treats, Lay’s potato chips and other foods you’ll actually eat. Also, eliminate unnecessary appliances. That cotton candy maker, stainless steel pasta machine, bread maker, tortilla warmer and the jerky gun you’ve never used? Toss.

(The jerky gun. Wrong on so many levels.)

Simplify your relationships. Learn to say no. Don’t keep enabling dysfunctional behavior. Don’t let people manipulate you. Instead of a loving dog, how about a Chia pet or a pet rock? And do you REALLY need that boyfriend/girlfriend? Break up with your significant other and think of all the money you’ll save on counseling!

Sooooo. Basically, this new trend is a form of hermitage. Which I already approve of. Top 5 Reasons To Become a Hermit

Top 5 Reasons To Become A Hermit

After dealing with the public for decades, I’m putting myself in time out. Forever. My husband thinks I might have a social disorder called Absolutely Sick of Dealing With People Who Piss Me Off. (Or ASODWPWPMO for short.)

(In Time Out with Ringo until we can behave properly. Might be a while.)

Hermiting (as it’s called by cool people) brings to mind a wild man/woman living in the Appalachian mountains, drinking moonshine, skinning raccoons for clothing and stealing apple pies from kitchen windows. Where do I sign up?

I’ve made a list of pros and cons of becoming a hermit, but since I couldn’t think of any cons, I thought I’d share my pro list:

1. Never worrying about fashion trends. Is color blocking the new style? Is yellow the new black? No need to care since I’m living in a cave wearing pajama bottoms and a comfy T-shirt for the rest of my life. BONUS: There’s no need for good grooming habits. I can let my beard/moustache grow and never shave my legs again!

2. Cool living locations. I have SO many places to choose from. I could camp out in a treehouse, a forest cave, an abandoned cabin, a movie star’s guest house or the trunk of my car. Possibilities are endless.

(Pantry or hermitage? Win-win.)

3. I’d get a cool reputation for being a fruitcake. Remember those crazy ladies in your neighborhood that were witches? That could be me! If people get too close to my lair, I can pop out, waving my saggy triceps, swearing in Ukrainian and biting the heads off Snickers bars.

4. No Training Required. Most careers take years of schooling, internships or licensing. Not hermiting! Just pack your favorite pillow, a stack of books, boxes of Wheat Thins and Hershey’s, and you’re good to go.

5. Reading with no interruptions. Have you ever been within 5 pages of finishing a great book when a 1) significant other, 2) child, 3) family dog or 4) co-worker stops by to talk? Can’t they see I’ve only got 5 pages left?!?!?! If they were a caring human (or dog), they would give me 10 minutes to bask in the glow of a finished novel. But, no. Everyone stops to chat, despite the mental daggers being thrown in their direction. But, as a hermit, I will finish EVERY book with no interruptions.

One thing I don’t understand: if men decide to wander off by themselves in the woods, it’s called “hunting.” When women do it, it’s called “irrational.” Not fair.