Things Driving Me Crazy Today

Wind makes me tense. So does being awake. So when I’m awake on a blustery day, I tend to be easily irritated. Here are the main culprits causing my insanity today.

(Wind is NEVER this romantic.)

  • Tank tops with built-in “bras.” Tank top makers, my bosom area doesn’t fit into those stupid built-in Kleenex bras so I have to wear a sports bra anyway. Then the built-in bra rides up on my chestal area, creating a muffin-top effect. More than a little disturbing.
  • Hostess. I KNOW how bad those cupcakes, donettes, blackberry pies and Ho-Hos are for me. But I can’t stop craving those tasty, sugar-filled demons. I think cream filling is a mixture of meth and sugar to keep me coming back.

(The box says there are 180 calories for 3 donettes. But that seems a little high. I’m sure it’s wrong.)

  • Talking to customer service for internet/phone/cable. We recently changed our communications company because the previous one was exasperating. But when I called to cancel, I had to explain to several people, in several different languages, why I didn’t want their product anymore. Can’t they just have a button to press to cancel service without talking to anyone?
  • Sign-Twirling Teens. The marketing agency that thought putting teenagers on street corners holding signs was a good idea should be disbanded. Because NOW the twitchy teens feel the need to dance and spin the signs around–totally negating the purpose of advertising since I can’t read the DAMN sign until you stop spinning it like a helicopter.

(Yeah, that upside-down phone number is very helpful. Thanks.)

  • Slow walkers!!!! It’s a guarantee when I’m in a hurry, there will be someone walking in front of me at the speed of lard. And there’s usually no way to get around them, so I take slow, exaggerated steps behind them thinking that  my passive actions will somehow speed them up. Doesn’t work.

10 thoughts on “Things Driving Me Crazy Today

  1. Totally agree with slow walker part. Seems like it was that way all day in the stores.


  2. The boob fairy never got my address. Even if I had anything to put in one of those tops, I wouldn’t wear one. I’ve seen people in them and get tickled because they don’t seem to care they look constantly “cold”. There’s not enough material to hide their turkey thermometers, in my opinion. I am a slow walker, since I have MS, BUT I sure don’t wobble in the middle of a store or sidewalk like I’m the only one around. That’s rude. A sub shop near me stopped using twirlers when a gusty wind took the sign from some poor guy’s hands and it flew into traffic, causing a 4 car pile up. Not cool. One of my biggest annoyances is people who smack and pop chewing gum. There should be a law.. 🙂


  3. I agree with all of that fully!


  4. I liked this post. Good job!


  5. Those hostess products are deadly. I’m ok if I don’t taste one, if I do someone needs to come and take the bag away, very slowly! And those cami-bra things are a joke, I spend more time adjusting them (with a bra too) and it looks like I’m groping myself in public!
    Great post!


  6. agree agree agree… and slow drivers who don’t move off the road, even when there are a dozen cars behind them.


  7. chestercrowley

    Okay, it’s true the dancing chickens and the poor schmucks in the statue of liberty outfits are bad marketing, except (is there always an exception?) the Little Caesar’s guitar guy. Have you seen him? He’s what all the other sign twirlers strive to be.


  8. I am right there with you! The slow walkers are the ones that annoy me the most. I also hate wading through the customer service numbers – press 1, press 3, press 6, etc. Ugh!


  9. I thoroughly enjoyed your post on things driving you crazy AND I completely agree! One thing that drives me crazy are people who don’t use their turn signals. . .ughhhh


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