Top 5 Reasons I Hate Tuesdays

Everyone whines and whines about Mondays–but anyone with sense knows the worst day of the week is Tuesday. If the end of the world happens, it will be on a Tuesday. Guaranteed.

It’s never a day off work, never a “hump” day and never part of an extended weekend, unless that Monday-night party left you incapacitated.

(Wha? It’s Tuesday? Damn.)

Here are 5 reasons I absolutely HATE Tuesdays:

1. It’s considered the second day of the week. And everyone knows that “second” really means “first loser.” It should be called Luesday.

2. Monday is all busy emails, busy phone calls, busy deadlines. Tuesday is all “Oh, it’s not even CLOSE to Friday yet.” In fact, it’s about as far away from Friday as you can get.

(No matter which way you go. Friday is too far away)

3. Because of THIS definition of Tuesday from Wikipedia (“Wiki” being derived from Latin for “confusing” and “pedia” meaning “full of s***”). “The English name is derived from Tiwesdæg and Tewesday, meaning “Tīw’s Day”, the day of Tiw.” WTF??

4. Tuesday is election day in the U.S. where we elect wealthy government officials who will eventually screw us over for their own best interests. If we had election days on Wednesdays, that wouldn’t happen.

(This is all Tuesday’s fault.)

5. There are no good songs about Tuesday. Do you know why? Because Tuesdays suck. Here are some memorable Tuesday song lyrics:

  • “Good-bye, Ruby Tuesday. Who could hang a name on you?” (Again. WTF?)
  • “Tuesday. Afternoon. I’m just beginning to see. Now I’m on my way. It doesn’t matter to me. Chasing the clouds away.” (Must have been some strong stuff.)
  • “Tuesday came and went like a helicopter overhead.” (Yep.)

I rest my case. ‘Nuff said.


8 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons I Hate Tuesdays

  1. I am just a beginner in this blogging world and found your “5” blogs; now I know why Tuesday is so long. Thanks.


  2. I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award! Check out my most recent post for details!


  3. There is also the Michelle Branch song, “Tuesday morning in the dark, I was finding out who I was…” This post made me chuckle. 😀


  4. Love your post, but I have to disagree! One of the best days I have ever had was a Tuesday…first date with my Hubby!! 🙂 (but your observations gave me a chuckle just now…) Oh, and there is one song that praises Tuesday, but it is a little obscure…”On Tuesday” by Men Without Hats…


  5. All very funny, but #3 is my favorite. I laughed out loud. You have a seriously focused mind (read:demented) that you can pick on a day of the week. With so much material in the world (read: Walmart), I am amazed at your creativity and cleverness. I shall now be mad at you for getting the song Ruby Tuesday stuck in my head…


  6. And here I was at 5:00 on Monday, thinking I was safe.


  7. Luesday – hilarious!


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