Things Driving Me Crazy Today

I’m usually so mild-mannered and relaxed. But once in a while, my knickers get twisted and I get highly irrational. This is one of those times. These are things twisting my knickers today:

  • North Korea. Just ’cause.
  • My bathroom scale. I’m pretty sure it’s stuck. (I tried bashing it with a hammer, but the number still didn’t change.)

(The view of the numbers is so much better down here.)

  • Men.
  • People who text while you’re trying to have a conversation with them. Put down your damn phone!!!
  • Shaving my legs and then noticing I missed ALL the hair on my knees. (I usually notice this when I’m sitting in the sun, wearing shorts, and everyone is pointing at my hairy knees and laughing.)
  • Going through the entire day with pepper stuck between my front teeth. Thanks “friends” for letting me know.
  • ANY “news” about Zac Efron. Holy crap, people. (His name sounds like an over-the-counter allergy medication.)
  • Being told multi-vitamins don’t do any good. And then being told all the produce at the grocery store has been leached of any nutrition. What am I supposed to eat to be healthy? (I guess it’s back to chocolate donuts and Coke.)

 (Breakfast, lunch and dinner of champions.)

  • Ringo the Dog when he decides to chase a cat. If you see someone running down your street, swinging a tangled leash and yelling “Come back, dumba**!!” It’s probably me.
  • Going to the grocery store and not having anything good to eat for dinner. (Chocolate donuts and Coke, again.)

3 thoughts on “Things Driving Me Crazy Today

  1. yep yep and yep… to all of the above.


  2. I want my bathroom scale to get stuck too…on a good number! 😉


  3. I think you just described my day in your blog! Only I was pretty happy with what my scale said. Other than that, someone texted during dinner, I dug a chicken bone out of my dog’s mouth, and I read about something I shouldn’t be eating. So I drank hot chocolate and ate peppermint patties. I felt much better in the end.

    My scale may not make me happy in the morning, of course, but I don’t really care…


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