Top 5 Ways For Americans to Pull it Together

I read news headlines with increasing horror. Not because of the atrocious acts committed by people with more weapons than brains, but by the reaction of our country (the freakin’ United States of America!!). After the tragedies in Paris and San Bernardino, some Americans are called for an end to accepting refugees fleeing from war. WAR! Women, children, families, grandparents–they’re running away because people are trying to kill them.

Inexplicable presidential candidate Don Trump suggested we ban all Muslims from entering the country. Instead of offering assistance and kindness, many ‘Mericans agreed and want the borders closed, a wall built around our country and a missile-proof dome dropped over the land. Will that keep us safe? Will that let you rest easy in your comfy beds at night?


(Coming to a city near you!)

“But maybe refugees are terrorists trying to get into our country,” you whine incessantly. Shut up.

We already have a fair share of crazy people living in America, hell-bent on inflicting terror and violence. And it’s not just potential bomb-toting refugees making a segment of the population blow their collective stacks. Gay marriage causes global warming!! Women with access to birth control will annihilate society! Gun control laws will destroy our planet!! Medical marijuana is the new crack cocaine!!

I think we all need to step back and take a deep breath.

How can we learn to work together without turning on each other like rabid raccoons trying to share one garbage can?

Here are 5 ways to pull it the f*** together:

  1. Stop judging. I’d tell you to walk a mile in a refugee’s shoes, but most of them don’t have shoes. They’ve left everything behind. Everything. If you have a compulsion to judge others, go to law school.
  2. Show compassion. Look at your loved ones. If you had to leave your home, wouldn’t you want to go to a place where kindness was key, where safety was possible? Of course you would.
  3. Be accepting. This is not about tolerance. Tolerance is a patronizing condescension you show to people you think are beneath you. Would you want to be tolerated? How ’bout accepted? You don’t have to agree with everyone, but is it possible to let them live their own lives?
  4. Use common sense. The media tends to shout at us with megaphones turned up full blast. Just because it’s loud doesn’t mean it’s true.
  5. Don’t be afraid to live. Fear creates chaos. Chaos creates rage. Rage destroys. Yes, there are people who want to do us harm. But there are many more people with big hearts, open arms and warm smiles.

French President Francois Hollande stated his country would continue to accept refugees. Since when were the French braver than Americans?! Pull it together!

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