What’s In My Bag?

Why is it suddenly cool to stick our noses into a celebrity’s carry-all? Fashion magazines devote pages to discovering the secrets in a movie star’s purse. Do you really want to know that Meredith Vieira hauls around dog treats and a machete in her $800 bag? Or do you care that Lady Gaga carries pints of her own blood stashed in her chic Chanel Cerf Tote? I’d love to discover that Gwyneth Paltrow carries a homemade tampon and $5,000 in small bills in her clutch.


(This actress carries her Volkswagen in her bag.)

Celebrities are weird. But at least they don’t walk around asking to look inside our pockets and purses.

But if they did, here’s what they would find in my non-trendy, 2012 Guess knock-off purse:

1. Receipt from Chipotle for a healthy salad with black beans and grilled chicken. Time stamped at 12:45.

2. Receipt from Paradise Bakery for five snickerdoodles. Time stamp 12:57.

3. An assortment of used and shredded tissues.

4. Five half-full lip gloss tubes, sticky and covered with tissue residue.

5. A toy dinosaur. I think it’s a stegosaurus. Or it might be a stuffed rabbit with Doritos stuck to its back.

6. An assortment of writing awards.

SPJ 2014 (1) - Copy

(Hey, do you wanna see my trophies?)

7. Empty water bottles. (In case I need to build an emergency raft.)

8. One earring.

9. Sunglasses with one lens missing.

10. A handful of leaky blue pens.

11. One sunglasses lens.

12. A balloon hat.


(A balloon hat is always in season.)

I think you should stop people all day long and ask to look in their handbags. I wonder how long it would take for someone to punch you in the pancreas.

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