I Use Words Good

I’ve been known to make words up. Usually swear words. But, still . . .


Time magazine studied why some made-up or blended words work. Successful examples include: affluenza (a lack of motivation affecting young wealthy people), dramedy (a drama/comedy–much like Congress) and Brangelina (the joining of two amazingly gorgeous people). The magazine also studied why some words don’t work. For instance, wonut (a waffle-donut) didn’t really catch on. Neither did swacket (a sweater-jacket).


(Please, don’t make this a thing.)

Words fascinate me. People with the literary superpower to craft magical sentences are my heroes. They wave their pens around and stories, sentences and words appear.

Here are some words I’ve created that you are free to use (at no charge):

Mayonnatheist: Someone who doesn’t believe in using mayonnaise. (I’m a devoted mayonnatheist.)

Pantaloony: Wearing crazy underwear.

Handitosis: The act of exhaling into your hand to check for bad breath.

Furricane: When your dog attacks you with love when you get home from work.

Spanxgst: That feeling of anxiety when you’re trying to put on Spanx.


Slambunctious: Rowdy people loudly closing doors.

Meloncholy: Feeling sad when someone eats the last piece of cantaloupe.

Karmageddon: When your stupid actions destroy the world.

Narcissistissippi: Someone who is very proud of his spelling skills.

Spambiguous: Describing the “meat” in a hot dog.

Ostrichsize: To exclude ostriches from social groups.

Dolphinoceros: A damn cool fishimal.

Fartitude: Being able to hold in a fart during yoga class.

Hempathy: Feeling bad for someone whose dress is obviously too short.

Have you created any super words?

2 thoughts on “I Use Words Good

  1. We like drexting – drifting while texting and sarcasticating. Great list! I just might borrow a couple.


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