Are You a Tech Addict?

My laptop screen blew out last week. No warning. Just a great big “I’m not working! Hahahahahaha!!”

(Not an actual re-creation. Mine was much worse.)

So, off to the electronic super store I went where the Geek Squad tried to convince me I should upgrade my computer. I was adamant that I just needed access to the Internet, iTunes and a word processor. Nearly $800 later, I stumbled out of the store, disoriented from talk about RAMs, processors, time-warp, etc.

Here’s the thing: we’ve become WAY too dependent on machines doing our thinking for us. The week I didn’t have a laptop I folded laundry, dusted end tables, made cookies (DELICIOUS), brushed my teeth, took longer walks with my dog and taught my grandson how to swear. Of course, since I work from home, I didn’t get paid for any of that . . .

Anyway. Here are some signs you might be too dependent on technology:

  • You don’t go ANYWHERE without your iPhone. Not even the bathroom. In fact, you have several photos of yourself staring into the bathroom mirror.
  • You not only text while you’re driving, you also play Words With Friends, download the latest Justin Bieber tune and update your FB status.
  • You have a stupid Bluetooth implanted in your brain.

(I guess it could be worse.)

  • Your best friends are only found on Facebook. The last time you spoke with a real person face-to-face was when you bought your new iPad.
  • You talk in text speak. LOL! B4N! TTTH!
  • You know what the above acronyms mean.
  • You haven’t picked up a real book, magazine or newspaper since 2009.

(These are books. They have pages you can turn. Sometimes they have pictures.)

  • You’ve given up physical interaction in exchange for sexting.
  • If the Internet crashed permanently, you would consider drinking a Drano daiquiri.
  • You’ve dumped a boyfriend/girlfriend via text or email.
  • You don’t know the phone numbers of your closest friends or family members. They’re all on speed-dial.

Maybe take some time to rethink your relationship with your gadgets. If you have forgotten what “nature” is, you might want to put the phone down. Now.

2 thoughts on “Are You a Tech Addict?

  1. I am afraid I am a Tech Addict – at least where my iPhone is concerned! Funny post! 🙂


  2. I think it means either Little Old Lady or Licker Of Lollipops. I’m going with the latter.


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