Top 5 Ways to Get Over Writer’s Block

I spend a LOT of time writing. Whether it’s my Life and Laughter column, an article for a magazine or newspaper, a press release or this witty blog, I’m ALWAYS trying to come up with interesting topics, fun words, brilliant sentences, blah, blah, blah. But there are SOME days (I call them “weekdays”) when my brain doesn’t engage and I stare stupidly at my computer screen, watching that irritating cursor blink in my general direction. Mocking me.

Writer’s Block.  For some reason, the voices in my head have gone silent.

So I type anything. Lalalalalalalalalalalalala. UMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Peri is cool. I want chocolate. Must quit my writing job. Goats are people, too. This grapefruit is fascinating. Etc, etc, etc.  Blah, blah, blah.

Doesn’t usually help.

But I’ve found some things that will get those creative writing juices flowing again:

#1: Wallow in self-pity. This is the point where I admit I’ve been a writing fraud my entire life and I will never write a coherent sentence ever, ever again. This leads me to collapse on the floor in a heap (with the dog licking my neck) until I fall asleep. When I wake up, I feel much better. (I also do this when things don’t go my way. I call those times “weekdays.”)


(Someone. . . get . . . me . . . a . . . thesaurus. . .)

#2: Write the ending first. By typing the words “The End,” I feel very accomplished and can retire to the couch for a couple of hours of mindless entertainment. (This can be found on the E! channel.)

#3: Draw a picture. Using colored markers, pastels or pencils, I’ll grab a piece of paper and draw a unicorn sliding down a rainbow into a pool full of warm caramel. (Don’t worry, PETA. The caramel isn’t deep. The unicorn is fine.) Then I take my drawing and put it on the fridge. Then I walk over to my computer and punch it in the face.

(You should see my picture of a panda bear soaring on a magic carpet.)

#4: Take an exercise/healthy eating break. This is loosely translated as “walk briskly to the pantry, grab a bag of Cheetos and insert head into bag.” It could also mean, “Stomp down the hall to hidden chocolate stash. Insert head into stash.” Regular exercise/healthy eating habits keep the brain oozing with creative energy.

#5: Resolve personal issues. Writer’s block might be nothing more than last night’s fight with my teenage daughter or husband (who’s not a teenager.) When I find my personal life interfering with my professional projects, I put those bad feelings aside and ask for forgiveness.

Hahahahahaha!!!! Then I fly off on my invisible jet to the land of Honky Wonky and live on popcorn-flavored Jelly Bellys.

(Never forgive. Never forget.)

If these tips don’t have you back at your keyboard typing the next bestselling novel, then chances are you suck at writing and should apply at the local department store.


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  2. Hi! I reblogged this AGES ago, but felt I had to drop by again to personally thank you for this! An amazing work that has saved me countless times. Much appreciated, thank you! I’d also like it if you gave my blog a visit too, and commented around! Thanks!

  3. I love this post, so well written, I’ll definitely be laughing about these later when I tell my roommate (bless her heart she’s an english major)

  4. These are fantastic 🙂
    And that last line, well played, madam. Well played.

  5. Thanks for the tips! I always find running clears my head better than anything else.

  6. Really cool post! I’ve used some of these ways myself when I needed to write something…

  7. This post just made my day ^^

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    Hopefully I won’t have to apply my skills at a department store anytime soon!

  9. This is a common problem for beginers. I will never have it because…
    Euhh… I dón´t know how to finish.
    Oh, nice. Now i do have writer’s block.

  10. Sarah Bergstein

    Story of my life. I sometimes feel like I have permanant writers block. I started making voice recordings when I tell my friends and family stories to help jog my memory when I need something to write about. Thanks for sharing this!! I’ll be drawing pictures this afternoon : )

  11. dearladiesandgents

    I want to see your picture of a panda bear riding a magic carpet 🙂 Just saying

  12. Nice tips! It seems like I have to cancel my application to the department store 😀

  13. Hilarious and oh so true…. I like to surf e-Bay for vintage Tupperware and Garfield coffee cups until I drop off to sleep on my desk. That seems to help.

  14. Awesome post! I could use these great ideas when i have one of my “we(e|a)kdays” 😀
    Liked it..gonna use the tips! 🙂

  15. We all get it don’t we. For me it’s a long slow walk. It works every time.

  16. […] I’ve posted links to blog posts with advice on ways to get over the infamous Writer’s Block in the past. (As a note: “infamous” does not mean “more than famous”. Just in case you were wondering.) Now, I don’t believe in Writer’s Block, but if you do, then this post may help you. With such great advice as “Wallow in Self-Pity”, how could y0u go wrong? I highly suggest you check out the rest of Peri Kinder’s Top 5 Ways to Get Over Writer’s Block. […]

  17. I can’t tell if I’m a chronic sufferer of writers’ block or if I’m simply too lazy.

  18. Liked the advice in the last line the best. Great post, thanks for sharing.

  19. The trouble with my writer’s block is that it’s selective! When I’m supposed to be writing away on my WIPs, I write a blog post instead … and vice versa! As to your remedies, wallowing in self-pity is fine, but once I’ve wallowed a bit I track footprints all over my tile floors! 😦 Eating is great, but it does nothing for my writer’s block, unless you’re referring to my enlarged belly blocking me from reaching the keyboard! I’d try your drawing suggestion, but that would require a trip to Office Depot to lay in a supply of crayons and markers. Guess I’ll just have to try punching my monitor. Do I send the repair bill to you??? 😉

    Great post. Loved it/shared it!

  20. This is too funny! I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog. 🙂

  21. Oh my goodness gracious! This is EXACTLY what I needed to read… I love it. I love it and oh yeah… I love it!

    Thanks for the giggle and I’ll let you know how my drawing of a llama sailing a boat turns out 🙂

  22. Loved your solutions, especially the chocolate and unicorn.

  23. There should be a movement against writer’s block. Occupy Writer’s Block. (Set yourself free from the confines of your mind’s torpidity.)

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    ENJOYED!!! This was absolutely hilarious as well as inspirational. I’m clicking the WP ‘reblog’ button on this one and sharing on my social networks.

  25. OHH the ending. Such reality is hurtful.

  26. love nice unicorn …funny sweet read

  27. What about going in a small closet and screaming as loud as you can and hoping the demons leave you?

  28. or for those with a spirit, i mean those who like Spirits, here’s a surefire way to start creating some insanity tomorrow while simultaneously leaving for a pee break every few minutes

  29. So funny! I am loving your blog. I spotlighted your site on my own today. Thanks for the laughs.

  30. Haha great read! But for me this fourth one is the most practical and helpful 😀

  31. Reading through some of the replies to your hilarious post Peri, it seems like a lot of people took you seriously. Writer’s block is a myth! If you have it, or get it, you’re not a writer. And to all those who say they turn to the bottle (whiskey, vodka, etc.) you gave yourself the first clue: you’re not a writer either, you’re an alcoholic. Get your butt to AA.

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    Funny because it’s true!

  33. laurengraceevans

    Can’t go wrong with unicorns and caramel.

  34. Those are really creative ideas but I find that c4 works fine and if I can’t get any dynamite still works pretty well. But if I didn’t have access to explosives I would run my writing business according to one maxim: “if it don’t need to be said…don’t say it…” Maybe two maxims (they become less maximonious the more you use) #2) Have a near death experience….that’s almost as good as c4 and promises lots of insights that people will envy you for but not believe…ok….one more but that’s it cause now they are barely maxims…let call them medium maxims (honestly…I don’t know where this stuff comes from or why but I hope I get kissed again someday while I can still feel it) #3) become hopelessly depressed, don’t fight it, then fight it, then give up…no sex of any kind except with yourself for 5 years…must meet full criteria for total abject misery or you have to start over….IF you come out of it…you’ll have something to write about…guarantieed! Dealing with the fact that no one will believe you survived all that shit is a whole nuther pumpkin I really can’t help you with but I wish you luck…you seem nice…don’t try so hard and be yourself…some people just don’t have anything to write about cause they’re boring puss brains but I don’t get that vibe from you at all….

  35. I was LMAO before I even finished reading #1. Thanks.

  36. Love the humor here! Congrats!

  37. Nice post, but unfortunately i didn’t learn anything so i’ll just give you this link to some awesome liquid drum and bass 🙂 (at least i’m honest)

  38. Peri — Great ideas! If you’d like a sixth… see this about “Pechaflickr” 🙂

    Before you know it, hours have gone by and you’ve written lots of stuff. Of course, the value of it is questionable… but who cares?!? 🙂

    Love this post!

  39. Top Way To Get Over Writer’s Block #6

    –Flash Fiction=Instead of trying to write this big thing, just try to write a story 100 words long. Gets the creative juices flowing.

    omg wait…

    Top Way To Get Over Writer’s Block #7

    –Random Noun Game= Spontaneously pick 2 or 3 nouns off the top of your head and writer something short, like 100-500 words.

    When it seems overwhelming let it go, write something smaller, then return to the project.


  40. Is it a direct flight to Honky Wonky or do you have to change planes in Atlanta?

    Congrats on being “Freshly Pressed”!

  41. I died reading this, it was so funny! I may even use some of your methods, like punching the computer in the face!

    Congratulations on making freshly pressed!

  42. I think you did find the cure for writer’s block, though. You can’t go wrong if you poke fun at yourself! This totally applies to art block though, sometimes when you try too hard to make something it backfires. You’re right though the problem is always fear that your wasting your time because you’re not good enough. It’s still worth it, doing what you love! =D

  43. Hilarious post! I would have laughed out loud if I weren’t sitting in my very quiet cubicle at work. But I was not able to hold back the laughter completely, so instead what I got was a whispery laugh that probably sounded like I was having an asthma attack to my co-workers in the next cubes over. Oh well, it was worth it. Thanks for the very helpful advice, and congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  44. so adorable your writing…thanks for blessing us with smiles

  45. I love it! Thanks for the laugh this morning and congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

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    This greatly cleared things up! I enjoyed reading this! Thanks!

  47. Love. Like soooo much! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  48. Just writing about your day helps. Even the most mundane of life adventures could have potential in it. Probably not but someday?

    Or write about something you loathe. It’s easy to complain.

  49. Great post! Screaming is my number one method to get rid of writer’s block. It may or may not work, but either way it is a great outlet for my frustration 🙂

  50. Truly entertaining! And also very helpful, now I know that not being able to write anything due to my brain seizing up is a fairly common thing!

  51. Great post! You had me laughing, because I can completely relate.

  52. Yeees ! Great way to keep blog alive ! 😀 Love this post !! ❤

  53. Literally laughing out loud! I especially indulge in #1 and #4, however it usually is an hour-long coffee break. When I’m really stuck, but I have a time constraint, I try to just write a first draft no matter how crappy or unorganized. It tends to work. Of course, I do that AFTER the wallowing and the coffee!

  54. This is hilarious. And helpful. And so reflective of the reality of the “writing life.” Thanks! 🙂

  55. Hilarious….and unexpected!

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    Very helpful adive to writers but can be adapted to many other jobs too!

  57. true sometimes we just think of a new idea to strike but nothing happens
    time flies …
    i really liked your the end idea …
    here is my post on what to write ???

  58. lostingoodstory

    I’m gonna try all of these ideas RIGHT NOW.

  59. You need to add a 6th … reading this post! 😆 Thank you!

    *reaches for Cheetos*

  60. Nothing goes better with my morning coffee than hysterical cackling! Thanks for the laugh this morning. Reading that post was like looking in a mirror. 🙂

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    This is wonderful. Where has this been all my life?! Writer’s block, goodbye.

  62. This is fantastic stuff, in fact I do agree with writing ‘The End’ or some sort of ending first, it really does help, either that or for me just lots and lots of coffee.

  63. I’m relieved that writers block happens to others. My problem is writting in a traditional sweet shop. If I get writers block I have over 100 jars of different swets and candy to go at

  64. Nice post

    I also find writing tiny bits completely off topic to your main blog topic helps stimulate the juices.

    I currently have a thing where I try to write somethign in fifty words or less Once a week. It really helps test your writing skills
    Check out my first three entries of the year
    In this case I wouldn’t recommend using THE END as you are cut down to 48 then, haha

  65. No. 6 – start looking for inspiration on blogs, find it, get back to work …

  66. Love the picture of you (??) on the floor! I feel like that on many occasions – and I am not a professional writer! My solution to writers block (more often – report writers block) – eat everything in the house – surf the web, pots upon pots of tea – then when the deadline is finely imminent – bang it out, be annoyed and hit send!!!! Seems to work for me – but not an easy way to do it! Perhaps your suggestion of an exercise break would be better – kill 2 birds with one stone – afterall, after eating everything in the house – a solid workout is required! Great post.

  67. I´ve been professionally working with people who have “writer´s block” and of course / curse I myself have often enough had phases when nothing was going on with writing. Only one thing was always possible, and that´s my little advice: You can always write about your own feelings. So I´ve found out that the easiest way to start writing again – is to describe my “block”: Mir fällt nichts mehr ein, ich habe keine Lust -” (I have no ideas etc.)
    “The ink must keep flowing” , no matter what´s the content – tha´s it.
    What also helps is walking aroung, making notices while walking – or dictating with the DRAFGON software.
    Good luck!

  68. My way of dealing with a writer’s block is to write some dark, depressing scene where everyone dies. It usually works! 😀 Great blog!

  69. Yesss! I had the metaphorical version of #1 on Monday – wasn’t quite on the floor but definitely slouching all over the desk in dismay. Then did a #4, came back in, started looking into this and that, and magically juices began flowing and I started getting a very big head. Voila.

  70. This is the best thing I’ve read all day, nay, all week.

  71. Great post – it made me laugh out loud this morning! 🙂 I shall have to keep some of these ideas in my bag of tricks for when the words won’t write themselves. LOL

  72. LOVE your humor! Please tell me you write humorous short stories, acts for stand up comedians….

  73. Michael Fishman

    Before I go off and apply for a job at the local department store (men’s clothing would be good but I refuse to measure an inseam) I just want to say I enjoyed your list.and I appreciated the truth in #5. PBS ran a show some time back called “Writers” and the topic of the one I watched was “Crime Fiction”. The guests were Elmore Leonard, George Pelecanos and Michael Connelly and the subject of writer’s block came up. All three writers agreed that writer’s block was a myth. Said Pelecanos: “People who have other jobs report to work every day when they don’t feel like going. Get back to work.” Leonard agreed. “No such thing as a block,” he says. “You’re writing the wrong scene or you’re not approaching it correctly. Get back to work and figure it out.” Personally, I like your idea of punching my monitor in the face.

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    Do your advantage with it, said in best Dunglish…

  75. The End Yes Thanks.

  76. absolutely fantastic advice! 😀
    I think I’ll try 1 & 2 tonight 😉

  77. I love writing, and I love your humor too. =D

  78. Love this! Had me laughing-out-loud in the middle of my office and that is hard to do in text! I’ll be bookmarking this for those desperate writer’s block filled hours 🙂

  79. Brilliant! I’ll print out this post and stick it up above my desk. I’m sure it’ll be useful next time I have writer’s block (pretty much always). Now I just need to assemble a respectable chocolate stash…

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    I saw this on freshly pressed, not only did it amuse me greatly, but it sums up so many times when I try to write – I only seem to get writers block when I have time to write – when I am at work doing other things my creative mind goes in to overdrive!

  81. LOL!!! That was mad funny. Great read!!! Congrats on FP! Thanks for the laughs.

  82. I love this! This is great!

  83. The personal issues are really the biggest problem.
    That’s why I have chosen to become a hermit.

  84. that’s an awesome drawing (compared to mine). great & helpful post though.

  85. Great post. I bloged about my struggles with writer’s block ( , shameless plu), but this was way funnier. Especially the bit about sticking your head in a bag of Cheetos. I’m going to try that…

  86. Brilliant tips! Love your picture of the unicorn too. 😉 xx

  87. Hahaha!! NICE! Im definatly going to give them a go!!

  88. […] jag vet att jag har slutat blogga, men kan inte undanhålla er dessa fenomenala tips för att komma över skrivkramp. Like this:GillaBli först att gilla denna […]

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    super lol

  90. I get in bed. I burrow deep down under the duvet and lie very very still for a long time. The lack of movement, light and sounds leaves my mind free to wander around 🙂

  91. ….what do you do when you have writer’s block in the comment box of a blog post on writer’s block?…..sigh

  92. Haha, funny read!

    “Don’t worry, the caramel isn’t deep” is a personal favourite. It occurred to me that writers who have since unblocked themselves by following the advice of this blog may be interested in being a part of a brand new photo-literary collaboration I am offering. Don’t worry Peri, I’m not spamming your blog! I believe you and your readers will be genuinely interested.

    The concept, called Picture 1000 Words, is to exhibit a series of 1000-word creative writing pieces paired with the images that inspired them. Click the link to find out more.


    Cam Cope

  93. Love it! I think you’ve solved all of my future writing block problems. 🙂

  94. I just can’t help but LAUGH!!!! (rofl) I can totally relate! Great Post! :)))

  95. I had a big case of writer’s block the other day so I thought this was really funny.

  96. Great post! Will try out all your suggestions. But could you post a second set in case the department store rejects my application?

  97. All excellent ideas! I plan on using the picture suggestion next time I’m blocked. In my case though I may just take one instead of drawing one. Stick figures have never been that inspiring.

  98. Ah HAH! I was just thinking I had no idea about what to write and it’s because we’ve had an unusually high level of sibling rivalry, parent/child disagreements, cranky mommy – all in one day! Thanks for making me chuckle – first step to recovery.

  99. Ha ha.
    I want to bid for that unicorn painting.

  100. Great post. This is pretty much what I do. I never begin at the beginning. You can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. The end is good or just plunge right into the nitty gritty. Chocolate helps a lot, too, as does an ice cream bar. You can’t type while eating an ice cream bar and it’s a good thing.

  101. Very funny! hahah! Now someone get me a thesaurus please. 🙂

  102. LOL! I love this post! It’s so witty and direct to the point! You are awesome! 😀

  103. “the voices in my head have gone silent” hahaha love your tips and descriptions.. altogether epic-ly wonderful post.

  104. willworkforfoodgirl

    Hilarious! As a freelancer and blogger you find yourself giving all of these tips that you don’t live by. Once I wrote the sentence “posture is the most important part of staying energized and creative throughout the day.” Immediately, I realized that I was slouching so much that my chin was almost on the keyboard. Instead of straigtening up, I just hit the Publish button and went on with my hunchback day.

  105. Awesome stuff and I relate entirely as someone just starting off.
    “I can’t find my voice. What if I don’t really have one?!? I don’t have anything to say??? At all? I’ll just go get my wife dinner.”

  106. Hey, some great tips here! As a writer myself – published by a couple of the major houses – facing contract deadlines, there’s nothing harder than that proverbial blank sheet of paper. I have a few of my own techniques for dealing with the blankness – pretty similar to yours I like the wallowing in self-pity fix 🙂 Thanks for posting!

    Matthew Wright

  107. Very funny blog! I often feel this way, especially since I started blogging again. I’m slowly starting to find my stride again,,,I linked your site to mine. Hope that’s ok! 🙂

  108. Oh this is a good one! I love “The End” part and I’m definitely going to try that. I like reading books from the back first anyway – may as well start writing from the back too!

  109. Love it! I just wrote an entry on my blog about Writer’s Block the other day 🙂 Great to be able to commiserate with a fellow funny-gal!

  110. Very funny! I’m now ready to continue writing…and by “writing” I mean, reaching for another slice of “chocolate chip banana bread” as I sit and listen to the “State of the Union” address.

  111. i pick an imaginary debate with the person who currently irritates me the most on the topic I am supposed to write, it helps me work a healthy energy and justifies the cup of coffee.

  112. I agree about WRITING THE ENDING first. I did this tactic with my 2 fanfics and it totally worked for me. Visualizing about the end and how things took effect in that way really helps.

    Thank you for the post.

  113. So delightful to read and true to the bone. Well written!

  114. […] #2- The Cure of the Common Creative Writer. On “Top 5 Ways to Get Over Writer’s Block” by Peri […]

  115. I just applied at the local department store.

  116. This was both entertaining and enlightening. I have found both the pity party and the artistic creations to be particularly helpful. It is nice to take a break from writing, plop down somewhere else, and say “You know what, I am not the greatest at this! I need a holiday! *Scream*” instead of usual positive and perky affirmations. Yoga, which I guess would fall under the exercise category, and playing the piano are also great help. I enjoyed your mix of truth and humor.

  117. Thanks for the giggle. Had to reblog this one. This post is a great writer’s block diversion, by the way.

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    Hilarious! What writer can’t relate to this and many other tried and true solutions to writer’s block? This post reminds me of Anne Lamott’s claim that it’s normal to write six pages of crap before you actually come upon a coherent thought.

  119. Great post! I am currently writing my first work and occasionally I suffer from writer’s block. At those moments it feels as if I have suddenly become retarded. 🙂

  120. Just think of yourself as another professional person other than a writer. Here’s one example: If you were a surgeon, and had a patient waiting in the OR, already anesthetized, would you give in to “cutter’s block?”


  121. As Billy Crystal’s character in ‘Throw Momma From A Train’ says…
    “A writer writes”

  122. Nothing better to solve writer’s block than writing about having nothing to write about! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  123. Peri, you made me laugh! Thank you. I find one way to get out of a creative block is to use the sense of smell in whatever I’m writing. Herbs and spices, freshly cut timber, a brand of soap once used. Seeing that you like sweets … do you remember sweethearts, the heart-shaped lollies (candy) with words/conversations? Bring back any memories? What about sugared almonds? Anyway, I love your sense of humour. I look forward to reading more of your work.

  124. Very amusing post!

  125. Ha, this was fun to read. The ‘draw a picture’ suggestion wouldn’t work for me, though. It would likely devolve into a labyrinth of “kill me now” or “f my life” scribbled all over the page. And then I might just be satisfied with that and post it on Facebook.

    One “like” = accomplishment.

  126. Im an expert at suffering from writer’s block. No so much at overcoming it however.

  127. Great post! I’m actually avoiding my current bout of writer’s block by perusing other people’s blogs about writer’s block. Haha! Good luck to the both of us and all our fellow blocked bloggers!

  128. Interesting tips. I’ve share them on my twitter.

  129. well done on FP, and i have to say, seriously do you ever get writers block with that brilliant sense of humour? i cannot believe that you do. im giggling t this piece and i love your unicorn and rainbow

  130. Great post. I have more of a Tequila stash myself. You could always start a second career illustrating children’s books.

  131. I just quit my job at the department store. Guess I really better get over my writers block. Nice Blog.

  132. Great thoughts! Curious for your opinion on a similar post I wrote on how research overcomes writers block.

  133. Nice post. When I have writers block, I try to read work from some of my favorite authors to get inspired.


  134. Nomadic Photographers

    Great words of advice. We all suffer from those “weekdays” Writer’s block is tough but we get there. Thanks for sharing!

  135. thesecretaboutbooks

    Reblogged this on thesecretaboutbooks.

  136. Fantastic suggestions. My preferred method to overcome writer’s block will always be excessive doses of strategy #1.

  137. I so needed this today! I was in the middle of writing and got some not so great news and since then, I haven’t been able to remember what I was so inspired by in the first place. I really needed this laugh. Thank you!

  138. I thought you were saying that your husband WAS a teenager, and that would take this post in a whole different direction. Otherwise, very nice tips!

  139. Love this post. I can particularly relate to the healthy snacks and teenager issues. I think the link below will make you chuckle; it is applicable for those considering writing.

  140. *Attempts to draw a psychedelic unicorn. Sticks failed attempt on fridge. Punches laptop in the face*
    May I have a new laptop now please? 🙂

  141. Hi Peri-
    Well-written blog. Enjoyable and witty. Thanks for sharing these inciteful and smile-provoking thoughts.

  142. Too funny!
    Love the photos and especially the art work. Maybe you are in the wrong field… ; )
    Congrats on being FP’d!

  143. I find the best way to cure writer’s block is to curl up into a self-deprecating ball with a bottle of vodka and dark chocolate, while hugging myself and singing the first Beatles song that pops into my head. If that doesn’t work, I move to red wine and pretend I’m Mick Jagger.

    That unicorn drawing is fantastic!

  144. *sigh* so nice to find a fellow blockee. BC Young has the opposite bring thing to me. I stream brilliant (BRILLIANT) dialogue and action in my head while cooking lunch, hanging out washing, driving down hill, having shower, blah, rhubarb. Then I raise my hands over the keyboard like a concert pianist about to launch into the Grieg piano concerto and… *deep breath* … I can’t be bothered to go through it all again. So I flick to Facebook. Or seek out the chocolate cache. [NB you have stashes. I have caches.]

  145. This. Is. Simply. Amazing. Love, love, love on so many levels. I am finishing up a Young Adult novel right now, and just last week I had a writer’s block breakdown. I knew it was over when I spelled “tried” —> “tryed.” Ummm, what?! So, I went easy on myself, went shopping, bought myself a lil’ something, and VOILA writer’s block cured. Perhaps you should add shopping onto this list? Just saying.

  146. Great unicorn! And post of course… very funny.

  147. My personal cure for writer’s block: 1. Stroll to nearby store. 2. Persuade obliging store personnel to sell me one Diet Pepsi and a packet of low-fat pretzel M&Ms. 3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 as often as required.

    P.S. Loved the “someone get me a thesaurus” photo. ROTFL.

  148. Love your ideas, down to earth and just plain funny!

  149. hahahahaha love this post…
    Have you tried the coffee method? Drink coffee to the point where your vision is vibrating, it’ll give you the anxious sensation of having SO much to write without the motor skills to actually type anything.

    • Oh yeah, Laura Rose.
      I’ve been there. The opposite of sleepy. Get so wired that you are pacing all over the house and can’t sit still to type all those wonderful ideas zipping through your head at 90 miles a minute (who can write that fast anyway?).
      Love it 😀

  150. Great pictures to go with your writer’s block! The thesaurus one had me cracking up! But writing the ending first, that’s always a good cure 🙂 Great post!

  151. I think the greatest way to overcome writer’s block is to consider what you want to write while you’re driving or doing some task around the house. Some people think you only write when you are sitting at a keyboard and typing. But if you consider what you want to write BEFORE you sit down, everything comes out quickly.
    I find myself thinking about the next short story or novel I want to write constantly. Figuring out plotlines, characters, etc. This has allowed me to be prolific, basically because I’m writing all the time in my head, and preventing the blocks that could happen at the keyboard.

  152. I have been battling with writers block lately and its driving me CRAAAYYY-ZEEEEEYY.
    Sadly none of your suggestions work for me as I practice them often, except I draw cubes instead of unicorns… I usually stay in the self pity tunnel of hate for a while (like a couple days)

    Great article 😉
    p.s. the local department store doesn’t want me

  153. Searching for the Light

    Love your exercise/healthy eating break!

  154. What a story!
    Buy a gun! Or a dog… 🙂
    Or find an other job. With gun. And dog.


  155. Simple and funny. Liked the blog.
    I’ll have to start exercising now 🙂

  156. Writer’s block is akin to a compile time error. When it lasts for an extended period calling it writer’s block may misleading, because it implies that the problem is specific to writing where it might be more general.

    I’ve found that writer’s block is very easy to overcome if you have the proper motivation. I think that the reason why people suffer from it is because they need an external stimulus that motivates them, and instead they keep stumbling forward blindly hoping it will all magically get better.

    I posted a word count meter to my blog to help me, because I find publicly announcing my progress helps (thank you, NaNoWriMo).

  157. Hello,
    My name is Jonathon, I am a Administrator for the website at the following address:
    I have attempted some means of communication with you but all attempts have been unsuccessful. I am currently speaking as a representative for TeenBookWriter, as a representative, I am hereby requesting that you post a few of your blogs on our website. Our website is a open source website mainly for teens, but could use some help to get started. If you have any questions at all, please email me at:

  158. Is a dog necessary if trying to achieve #1? I don’t own one, but many of our neighbours own cats and I could convince one of them to fill in if I applied a generous slice of ham to my neck.

  159. “You should see my picture of a panda bear soaring on a magic carpet.”


    *Ahem* Well, you should have posted it then. I would have liked to have seen it.

  160. Great ideas. Why didn’t I think of it sooner?

  161. This made my day 😀 Thanks I needed a good laugh!

  162. For some reason the voices in my head never go silent. In order to deal with it properly, I gave them their own category on my blog. Now, we’re all friends and I feel fine. 🙂
    That of course doesn’t mean, I’m all good and don’t have a Writer’s Block anymore, but I refuse to give it its own category, apart from the emptiness, it would feel pathetic. *ROFL with all the pathetic voices in my head*

  163. Hilarious! I just love the photo …sprawled on the floor, too funny! And “the end” at the beginning, the mindless tapping of keys .. thanks for the laugh!!

  164. This is what I do when I have writer’s block. Read other people’s posts about writer’s block. It seems my method needs re-evaluation.

  165. I loved this entire piece, but I have to say, for me, it was downhill after “Goats are people, too.” I just don’t know how to follow that.

  166. OMG! I just noticed your picture with Stephen Colbert!!! LUCKY LUCKY!!!!

  167. Great tips! Also, spending time reading other blogs or articles always is a sure fire way to waste time……I mean……cure Writer’s Block. Plus, then all you can think of is what other people wrote…..meaning you still can’t come up with an original idea. 🙂 Congrats on being FP!

  168. Love it! I have my chocolate stash, too! So good for helping with writer’s block or anything for that matter. 🙂

  169. I love this! 😀 Thanks for the inspiration.

  170. My cure for writer’s block is to actually sit my butt into a chair and just DO it. Sometimes, with a hard scene, I will call my sister and talk a little about the next scene, and what I am thinking about doing with it. It helps to toss ideas around, and then I send it to her when I’m done–so I am accountable to her. Great post.

  171. I’ve been using number 1 and 2 for years! I’ll give 3 through 5 a shot while I’m writing my next post.

  172. I love your unicorn! He looks super sad that you punched him in the face. Pretttty intense times. :p great post!

  173. This is great!

  174. I’m very glad I found your blog! My “block” times are more like retaining walls. I have gone days, wallowing through a bag of chips. That usually leaves me with a greasy guilty feeling and still blocked. People watching or playing with my dog’s wavy little ears usually plops an idea into my head. I also, like your “about” page. Very cool writing!

  175. Great Post. I seen myself in #1. 🙂

  176. I kept trying to think of something funny to say but i cant. I beleive i have your ailment…

  177. If I don’t have something to write, I just don’t write. I got some terrible grades on creative writing assignments.

    That’s the most awesomest unicorn ever! 🙂

  178. I love writer’s block. It gives me an excuse to drink whiskey and howl at the moon. See you in honky wonky.

  179. Great read, very funny and nicely written. Also all are valid ways to get over writer’s block. My personal way is to immerse myself in music and listen until I’m hit by an idea. It’s also a good way to get over my personal issues that may be interfering with my writing, as you mentioned in #5. Great list and thanks for the advice!

  180. This made me smile 🙂

    My little tip to overcome writer’s block is to search the internet to find something that is badly written, or that at least has room for improvement. Print it out, then start copy typing it, correcting and improving it as you go. This really helps get the old creative juices flowing again. Try it. You’ll see.

  181. Great! Writer unblocked.

  182. Totally hilarious. I’ve had writers blog ever since I started my degree. Something about having to write endless essays leeches all joy for writing out of me.

  183. All good points. What works for me is to go out for a run in 20 degree weather until the point where my lungs burn hotter than a volcano. For some reason the feeling of dying in the middle of the street always gives me a great idea for my next post.

  184. I used to teach a writing course at my state university. One of my class exercises for overcoming writer’s block was to have the students turn off their computer monitors and type whatever comes to them.

    Unfortunately, more often than not, all we discovered was that my students didn’t know how to type without looking at the screen AND their fingers.

    As a full-time freelance writer myself, I can absolutely appreciate your tips. In fact, I just returned from a Cheetos break. I’ve already wallowed in self pity for most of the morning. Now I’m perusing the “retail” want ads, thanks to your advice.

    Thanks. Thanks a lot.


  185. Funny! I actually would like to see the picture of your panda bear soaring on a magic carpet. 😉

  186. I really liked the second idea…write ‘the end’ first. I’ll have to try it the next time I sit down to write.

  187. haha, your post gave me a laugh. nice unicorn, too! 🙂

  188. I love this. Like, love love. Nice work.

  189. Hhahahahahahaa…this was hilarious. I love it, and I can totally relate.

    Somedays, I’m just filled with so many topics that I want to write about, and then somedays I’m left staring at my keyboard. When I get to this point, I wander the web looking for news stories. Or I scan my Facebook wall, and see what everyone is talking about.

    Once again, I loved it. Keep ’em coming.

  190. Haha, awesome. Sound like a no-fail strategies. 😀

  191. Very helpful post! No wonder it’s been Freshly Pressed!

  192. Where is this Honky Wonky? Are there other jellybean flavors?

    I ask because I’m pretty sure the local department store does not want to employ me.

  193. Excellent. I’ve been looking for ways to ignore writer’s block. Thanks. *prints post*

  194. Great ending. Though as a miserable hack myself, my preferred fallback is HVAC.

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