Top 5 Things I Don’t Want For Christmas

I’m not inherently greedy. And I don’t mean to be bossy. But there are a few things I REALLY don’t want to find in my stocking, or under my tree, on Christmas morning.

Clothes That Don’t Fit:  Whether it’s too-tight jeans (Hey, you bought them. Now you have to watch me wear them) or too-small lingerie (yes I know you’d like me to be the size of a Twizzler, but I’m not), please don’t try to guess my size. It just humiliates both of us.

Any cleaning supplies: I’m not Alice from the freakin’ Brady Bunch.  No matter how much our house needs these items, I don’t want a vacuum, broom, mop, Windex, Pledge, grout or paper towels. But feel free to get my house as many of those gifts as you’d like.

(With Ann B. Davis as the resident shit picker-upper.)

Anything purchased at 7-11. At midnight. On Dec. 24: This includes Carmex, silk roses, Slurpees, car magazines, jerky, stale donuts, Bubble Yum or a gas card. (Okay, maybe I’ll keep the gas card.)

(This is not a Christmas gift. This is a refreshing beverage.)

Weight-loss books/Magazines: Yes, I know I gripe about my weight, but that doesn’t mean this is a thoughtful gift. In fact, this could be the last gift you ever give me with both of your arms. And my husband is DYING to get me a subscription to Cosmo, especially with the title “100 Ways to Drive Him Crazy in Bed.” I know one way to drive him crazy in bed: put my cold feet on his back.

(A seriously bad gift idea.)

This Top 5 List Already Posted In a Previous Blog: (This is a link. Click on it.)

One thought on “Top 5 Things I Don’t Want For Christmas

  1. OracularSpectacular

    Nice post.

    It doesn’t matter how much one bitches about one’s extra ten pounds, no one should ever get you weight-loss anything as a gift. Or anti-wrinkle cream.


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