Things Driving Me Crazy With This Cold

Since Jan. 1, I’ve had colds, laryngitis, a sore throat, a short-lived case of the flu and a sinus infection. I’m tired of whining, and everyone in my family is sick of hearing me whine. Besides, everyone in Utah has a cold because It’s WINTER. Plus the smoggy inversion allows particles of radioactive pollution to filter down to the lower lobes of the lungs, causing all kinds of respiratory problems. I might as well take up smoking.

January was a blur of cold medicine, Kleenex, phlegm and doctor visits. Here is what drives me crazy about being sick:

  • Blowing my nose. I have tissues all over my home like I’m offering a soft-paper sacrifice to the cold/flu gods.
  • My face is so swollen from my sinus infection, I look like a jack-0′-lantern with hair.

pumpkin(You thought this was a pumpkin. Nope, it’s me watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine.)

  • Give me either a runny nose or congested sinus cavities–NOT BOTH!
  • Hearing myself whine. I sound like a nasally, moaning middle-aged woman who sucks helium in her spare time.
  • The crunchy eye boogers that stick to my eyelashes when I’m sleeping.
  • Congestion has me talking like a cartoon character.

droopy(“Coldth make me tho mad.”

  • Nothing tastes good. So I eat more, trying to remember how good it feels to taste chocolate.
  • Trying all the crazy cold remedies–that don’t work. Umckaloabo Root Extract? Hot Black Currant Juice? Slices of onions in my socks? Nope. But my feet smell like onion rings. That I can’t taste.

Now that it’s February, I’m hoping Mr. Cold/Flu/Pink-Eye leaves us alone. We’ve done our time.


3 thoughts on “Things Driving Me Crazy With This Cold

  1. It seems as soon as one member of our family gets a cold/flu, we all get it within one week of one another. It just seems to linger and get passed around from person to person. Whining is just a necessary evil of being sick, (although I agree there can be a limit), so whine away until you feel better.


  2. Hope you feel better soon!


  3. I hope that February treats you well. Feel better.


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