Ego Check

On Wednesday, WordPress featured my blog on its Freshly Pressed page (thank you!) and my hits went through the ROOF! I’ve been pecking out this blog since April and I usually get around 50 hits per day. So when I looked at my blog on Wednesday and saw nearly 500 hits, I was floored. In the next 2 days, I had more than 5,000 people visit my blog and leave some really cool comments.

I’m usually not the type of person that seeks fame, fortune or fans (okay. . .maybe fortune) but in the course of 48 hours, my ego expanded. As did the size of my head.

If you ever have the same “10-to-15-minutes-of-fame” type experience, here are some ego-stages you can expect to go through:

Compulsive Behavior: I started checking the hits on my blog every TWO minutes–if not more. It was addicting to watch the number jump from 15 views in the morning to more than 1,000 views just a few hours later. Clicking my mouse was more of a nervous tic than an actual conscious movement. I started sneakily checking my blog–because my husband kept laughing at me. (I think he was just jealous.)

Writing Out My Award Speech: After all the positive remarks, I figured the next step for my blog was to win the Pulitzer Prize for Humor Blogging. (If that’s not a category, it should be.) I began writing my acceptance speech. “I’d like to thank all the little people who made this day possible. I can’t think of your names right now, but you probably know who you are. And thank you, Jesus.”

(This would make a great Pulitzer belt buckle.)

Crash and Burn: After the initial elation of having people VISIT my blog (wah?!?!), I prepped myself for the future as a world-famous blogger. But by Friday (today), visits to my blog had dropped significantly. I’d already been forgotten. People were moving on to the more current, younger, more beautiful bloggers. It was inevitable. My head shrank back to its normal size and I put my Pulitzer acceptance speech in a drawer for another time. (It’s pertinent for many other Pulitzer prizes.)

Oh, the Pressure!!! After life returns to normal, how can I ever blog again? Can I still be witty? Relevant? (Was I EVER witty and/or relevant?) How will I ever address all the humor needs of the blog world? AAARRRGGGGHH!! I can’t stand the pressure. I need to eat some chocolate and take a nap.

My previously ego-swollen head is now pounding with inadequacy. Thanks WordPress.

16 thoughts on “Ego Check

  1. Its not about the hits, its about the fits – of laughter. And you definitely got the humor for it! 🙂 Loved this entry.


  2. I was new here thanks to Freshly Pressed but I’m still here! You’re bookmarked in fact, which I think is a far greater achievement than the Pulitzer Prize.


  3. I’d love your column even if I wasn’t your Aunt!


  4. I’m still licking my post-Freshly Pressed wounds, which were a result of my rapidly shrinking ego after the late-August 5 minutes of fame. But, now you are in the club*. And they can’t ever take that away.

    *Kindly Paypal your membership fees to ‘gojulesgo’ by October 10th.


  5. You crack me up. I love your humor and honesty.


  6. What a sincere post. Loved reading it. Will stick to the blog. Keep posting!


  7. Ahahaha. You’re awesome.
    Glad you were WPed, even if it inflated your head, and you’re floating back down to earth. That’s how I found your blog. I think. Wait…
    ANYway. YAY!


  8. I think your blog is hilarious and I will be a devoted follower even after you are back down to 50 a day. I should be so humorous!


  9. Good post! I’d love to get “freshly pressed” – but I know that it would make my normal traffic seem pathetic. I’m pathetic enough.


  10. I love your column and think it’s great that WordPress noticed it.


  11. Way to go girl! I know I appreciate it all… And there are not many I can say “All” to ’cause I usually don’t read it all but I do read “All” of yours!


  12. congratulations! i have also tasted success on my humor blog. ALMOST 14 hits!! Per DAY!! I am sure Good Morning America will be at my door soon to interview me as one of their “shining Lights” in the blogosphere. Keep blogging!


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