O Tidings of Comfort Annoy

blur-business-card-211290Now that Facebook has become a year-round newsletter, packed with enough posts to make us feel miserable all year long, can we finally call it quits on those dreadful holiday letters?

I understand a family newsletter can be a highlight of the season, recapping all your adventures with witty repartee and candy cane clip art, but to many people, this bragalicious tradition is lemon juice in the paper cuts of life. Reading about how you cured black lung disease or saved an endangered species makes others’ successes look like table scraps.

My newsletter would go something like this, “Dear family and friends, I did not get arrested this year. Happy New Year! Love, Peri.” (Disclaimer: The year’s not over yet.)

So, first of all, don’t write a Christmas letter. However, if you feel you must write an annual message or your life won’t be complete, here are tips to make it bearable for friends and family.

Let your children do the writing. I would LOVE getting a Christmas message that read, “Mom cries in the bathroom and tells us to eat Froot Loops for dinner. Dad has a special ‘drinking mug’ in his garage. Aunt Ethel spent Thanksgiving in the county jail for walking streets. Happy Holidays!”

Use your letter as a weapon. A Christmas newsletter can encourage friendly competition amongst your offspring. Announce who had the most As, the best-cleaned room or who peed the bed the least amount of times. Be sure to embarrass the *&%$ out of them so they’ll be on their best behavior next year.

Create an acronym. For instance, NOEL can be Notice Our Exceptional Lives or No One Enjoys Letters.

Quote Quiz. Choose the funniest quotes said by your family during the year and have your readers guess who said it.

January–“Who left the %&@* lights on?!”

February—“Is there a reason there are a dozen shoes by the back door?”

March—“Who left the %&@* lights on again?”

Write from your pet’s perspective. “This is Peri’s dog, Ringo. I was taken to the vet three times this year and had to get shots. She forgot to give me a treat twice last week, even after I sat under her feet for three consecutive episodes of Westworld. She also didn’t pet me long enough after she got home from work, but she gave me a steak bone, so all’s forgiven.”card-celebration-christmas-1652103

Share a family recipe. If people ask for your sugar cookie recipe, put it in your Christmas newsletter. But don’t be like my neighbor who leaves out key ingredients so my cookies never taste quite the same as hers. Not cool.

Don’t recount Family Disasters 2016. Your water heater broke, your car died in the desert, you have rats in the basement and bats in your belfry. You lost several jobs, were abducted by aliens and SWAT kicked in your door at 3 a.m. Newsletters are not catastrophe competitions. Next!

Don’t brag. For every straight-A accomplishment, for every award-winning dance competition and for every higher-salary promotion you exclaim over, your letter will be read by a man with kids struggling in school, a daughter with no noticeable rhythm and a woman in a dead-end, mind-numbing job. Take it down a notch, will ya?

Even better, since I never receive mail anymore (except for Hickory Farm catalogs and postcards from mortgage companies), maybe save all your glowing updates for Facebook and Instagram where you can gush all you’d like. You can even add clip art.

Top 5 Things Men Should Stop Doing

I appreciate women can be difficult. We’re uber-smart, super strong, overly capable and do a variety of activities while wearing six-inch heels and applying lip gloss. But, for some reason, men continue to patronize us while totally ignoring the fact we’re intelligent beings.

Here are the top 5 things men should just stop doing. Right now. I mean it. Stop it.


1. Talk down to us: Nothing is more insulting than hearing, “Look how hard she’s trying” or “Isn’t it cute how much effort she’s making?” We’re not stupid pets, gentlemen. We don’t need our heads patted or our bellies rubbed. Keep it up and you might find a pencil stuck in one of your sinus cavities.

2. Lecture: Because men are obviously SO MUCH SMARTER than women, men tend to lecture us about things that a) we already know or b) are total bulls***.  Shut up already. And don’t think you need to explain things to us. We get it. I promise.

(“How’s that knife wound in your kidney workin’ for ya?”)

3. Brag: It’s just dandy that you were a high school football star—20 years ago. I’m happy that you like to participate in triathlons on the weekends–and talk about it all week. Killed a moose with your bare hands? Rode a rabid ostrich through the Outback? Took down a terrorist cell with a plastic hanger and a Tootsie Pop? Great. Now, don’t you have something else you should be doing? Like working?

4. Describe your perfect woman: Yes, we know your dream girl looks NOTHING like us. We’re not constantly being airbrushed, made up, tousled, surgically enhanced or pouting seductively. So stop telling us what we lack. Either appreciate it or get lost.

5. Act Like You’re Listening: Granted, women like to talk about their “feelings” or their “lack of validation.” I understand that gets boring at times for you men, and it’s hard to listen when it’s your turn at Draw Something. But, dammit, we listen to your inane recounts of basketball games, baseball highlights, golf scores, video game activities and how much you hate your boss. Blankly staring at us does NOT constitute listening. Are you listening?!?!?

Dropping these bad habits will ensure a life-long appreciation from the women in your life. Just sayin’.