Back to School Tips

Let’s all take a moment to observe a moment of silence as millions of kids return to school after a long summer vacation. Now, let’s raise a glass of champagne that millions of kids have returned to school after a long summer vacation!

Parents everywhere are facing that double-emotion “giddy/sad” as they miss their kids, but are ready to get back on some type of schedule that doesn’t involve going to bed at 2 a.m., eating graham crackers and frosting for breakfast, and watching hours and hours of Adventure Time.

Here are some steps to help make the transition back to school as seemingly smooth as possible:

  • Organize the carpool–Mom #1 can take kids to school on Monday and Thursday at 7:55. Mom #2 can pick kids up after school on even-numbered days, as long as it’s not raining. Dad #1 can drive to school on Friday mornings after he gets off his midnight shift. Mom #3 can never drive, but yells at you if you’re late picking her kids up. You end up driving the rest of the time.


  • Try not to act too happy–I made the mistake of doing the Happy Back to School Dance of Joy, right as my daughter walked back in the house to get her backpack. She was crestfallen. “I thought you LOVED having us home,” she said through her tears. That experience has left me feeling guilty for approximately one decade.
  • So. Save the joyful happy dance for when the kids are out of earshot. –They’re very worried about how you’ll spend your time now that they’re not around to ask you for snacks 50 times a day. They’re concerned you’ll develop a drinking problem because you’ll be so lonely. They’re right!!
  • Plan creative lunch menus–Your child will never eat what you make for them. So make lunch for your child’s best friend because they’ll be trading anyway. Never pack peanut butter, or anything with tree nuts. You’ll get the mother-from-hell calling you at midnight explaining how you’re trying to kill her daughter.


(My elementary school lunch box carried PB & J every day, with a thermos of fishy-smelling lukewarm milk and a homemade cookie.)

  • Get a reading list from the teacher–It’s always nice to get the reading list early so you can lose it as soon as possible. On the off-chance your kids actually read, be sure to pick up at least one book from the list.
  • Set up a homework space–This means a) not in front of the TV, b) not at your daughter’s boyfriend’s house, c) not at McDonalds (unless you’re there for a family dinner), and d) not in the bathtub at 10:30 p.m. because your child forgot to tell you they had a research project due the next morning.

Follow this advice and you’ll be surprised at how quickly the school year goes–and your kids are home for two weeks for Christmas vacation.

One thought on “Back to School Tips

  1. Dear Me, I made the mistake of saying to my friend, within earshot of my kids, “it’s almost over, school next week.” I may have added a two step or two, it’s all blurry now. I thought I was funny until I turned around to see my son’s crestfallen faces. Umm, just kidding. Like asking someone if they are pregnant, you only do it once. LOL!
    And please don’t get me started on the peanut issue. Great post.

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