Reasons to Stay in Bed Today

Another Tuesday has rolled around, and like all Tuesdays, I just want to sleep until it’s over. If I get out of bed, something bad will happen. I’ll break my toenail, get an unexpected bill in the mail, misplace the dog or end up dangling off a cliff somewhere in the Andes.

coyote(How did this happen? Oh, right. It’s Tuesday.)

No matter how my day starts, by Tuesday night I’m a heap o’ mess.

So I’ve created a list of reasons I can stay in bed today–guilt-free! (Or as guilt-free as a mother/wife/employee can ever stay in bed without a terminal illness.)

  • I’m afraid if I’ll get out of bed, I’ll see my shadow and have to stay awake for six straight weeks.
  • If I leave the house, I’ll have to talk to people.
  • I need to sulk for a while.

Sideshow Bob(I’ll stop sulking when it’s Wednesday.)

  • I have a new book/magazine/blog/newspaper to read!
  • There are too many dirty clothes to deal with if I get up.
  • If I get out of bed, someone’s going to want something.
  • It’s snowing. In April. In Utah.
  • If I stay in bed, maybe someone will think I’m sick and bring me dinner.
  • I’m just copying my dog.

Ringo Hug

(Dog days of Tuesday.)

It’s Tuesday. ’nuff said.

2 thoughts on “Reasons to Stay in Bed Today

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  2. I try to pretend my bed is an island, I can only leave for necessities. Great post!


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