Top 5 Reasons I Worry About the Future

Children are our future. Of course, with Congress right now, children are also our present.

Have we done a good job teaching our kids what they need to know to run this world? Here are some potential stumbling blocks that maybe should be addressed before the kids take over:

1. No communication skills. This generation is being raised in cyberspace where things like etiquette, tact and emotion do not exist. Although they can text on their cell phones faster than a Kardashian can shop, children have no ability to actually carry on a face-to-face conversation. Eye contact is nearly extinct. (If you are a child and are not sure what the word “conversation” means, please Google it.)

2. Germaphobes. Back in the day, we drank out of garden hoses, shared soda pop cans and bathed only when necessary.Today’s kids have a world so sterile, it will be a miracle if they’ll be able to reproduce. Hand sanitizer is the new shirtsleeve. We’ve destroyed our children’s immune systems for the next 50 years.

3. No problem-solving skills. Is your child failing math? Well, for heaven’s sake, do his work for him. Is he having trouble with a teacher or another student at school? Take charge and fight the battle for them. I’ve seen parents write reports, put together science projects and even call employers to explain why their child was late for work. Really?! What part of “growing up” is hard to understand?

4. No attention span. This isn’t just for kids. Talk to anyone for a few minutes and you’ll see their eyes darting side to side, their tongue rapidly licking their upper lip and a fine sheen of sweat appear on their forehead–because while they’re talking to you–THEY ARE MOST DEFINITELY MISSING SOMETHING IMPORTANT.

5. Overscheduled. Kids today have more items on their agenda than the First Lady. Tennis lessons, French cooking classes, baseball practice, dance recitals, CPR training and meetings with their agents leave kids exhausted. And then we wonder why our kids are irritable and sleepy.

We’re raising the most globally-aware and socially-consicous generation ever. Let’s not screw it up.

3 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons I Worry About the Future

  1. Oh yeah, totally agree. Lets throw manners in there too. And respect! But ya know what? It’s the parent’s fault! They’re the ones who are supposed to have the wisdom.


  2. I came to your blog because of your FP article but THIS is what makes me want to return again more than anything. I couldn’t agree more, ESPECIALLY with the lack of communication skills! A couple of months ago I did a post about the decline and fall of common courtesy and it just makes me so sad. So, at this point, I’m back off to read some funny posts again!


  3. Spot on. And very humorous, in that so sad, but true kind of way. 😀


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