Funniest things at my nephew’s graduation

My nephew graduated from Murray High School last week (Go Spartans!) Since I’m also a Murray High grad, it was fun to sit through another graduation. (I’m TOTALLY lying. Graduations suck.)

Anyway. I’m very proud of him, but his graduation had some definitely funny moments including:

  • The girl who totally biffed it as she walked off the stage. (A graduation she’ll never forget.) I felt bad for her. I guess I shouldn’t have greased the ramp.
  • This quote from the student body president, telling students where to drop off their caps and gowns. “All the students with last names starting with A through K, go to the left. For letters. . . .everyone else, go to the right.”
  • This quote from ANOTHER commencement speaker. “When we first got to high school, we thought it was all about showing off our boobs and being popular.” (You mean it WASN’T about that?!?!?!)
  • A grim statistic from a school official. “A house today will cost you, on average, $203,000. A house in 40 years will cost $2 million.” (Damn well better include a sprinkling system.)
  • The little boy behind me who kept saying, “Can we go now???” (Okay, he was also my nephew–but still funny.)
  • The fact that my brother-in-law was singing along to the sappy song being performed by the choir. (Graduations have WAAAAAY too many musical numbers. It’s not freakin’ “Glee” folks.)

If all goes well, I’m off the hook for graduations until 2013. And since that would be my daughter’s graduation, I’ll enjoy it. Probably.

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