Life and Laughter book–Coming Soon!

Hey All,

I know I’ve been slacking for the last few weeks, but I’ve been compiling my favorite “Life and Laughter” columns that I’ve written during the last 10 years, and have produced a BOOK! Yes, a BOOK! It has everything you’d hope for in a book: page numbers, chapters, a back cover–and other surprises!

My “L and L” column has appeared in the Valley Journals newspapers for more than a decade, and has won several awards from REALLY prestigious organizations that you’ve never heard of.

It should be available in a couple weeks on Amazon, and other sites that will be revealed shortly.

Thanks to my uber-supportive, wonderful husband, Tom.

And thanks to my daughter, Kelsee Tia, for the cover design!

Life and Laughter Cover

2 thoughts on “Life and Laughter book–Coming Soon!

  1. Yeah Congratulations! What an amazing accomplishment. You must be super proud of yourself. Actual pages, book cover and all. Well now, you’re moving on up to the big time. All the best.

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