Why See’s Chocolates Should Sponsor This Blog

The reasons See’s Chocolates should sponsor my Life and Laughter blog are numerous–and the similarities between me and the chocolate giant are eerie. Here are just a few reasons See’s should slap an ad on my blog.

(I’m on the See-food diet.)

Reason #1: See’s creates excellent chocolates. I EAT excellent chocolates. (Like I said. Eerie)

Reason #2: See’s first shop opened in 1921. Mark Twain (my favorite author) was TALKED ABOUT in 1921.

(Author and satirist Mark Twain posthumously enjoying a See’s chocolate cigar.)

Reason #3: See’s offers more than 100 varieties of candies and chocolates. I totally support that!

Reason #4: See’s makes THE BEST Nuts & Chews and truffles. Coincidentally, Nuts & Chews and truffles are my FAVORITE!

Reason #5: Founder Charles See had a mother. SO DID I!

Reason #6: The company is headquartered in San Francisco. I’ve BEEN to San Francisco!

(Dead or alive: This is where I want to be buried.)

Reason #7: See’s has kitchens at a second location in Los Angeles. I have a kitchen right across the hall!

Reason #8: See’s has stores in Utah. I grew up in Utah.

Reason #9: Guittard Chocolates delivers bulk liquid chocolate in tanker trunks to See’s to make their delicious candies. I could LIVE in a bulk liquid chocolate tanker trunk.

Reason #10: See’s has a large variety of dark chocolates that are good for your heart. I have a heart! (Usually.)

(I’m pretty sure my heart is 99.9% chocolate. The remaining .1%? Coca-Cola.)

5 thoughts on “Why See’s Chocolates Should Sponsor This Blog

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  2. All very valid reasons. I hope a See’s spokesperson stops by to say hi! 😉


  3. It’s too bad we can’t have ads here, you’re a shoo-in!!


  4. Love it! I’m on the same See-food diet! Good luck with your sponsorship! I SEE no negatives why you should not get it.


  5. Some points are ludicrously funny! (Points saying about Utah, kitchen, heart and San Francisco). Oh wait how could I forget that the Founder had a mother, and so did you. Such a bizarre coincidence! Lol


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