Pardon My French

If you heard vast amounts of cursing coming from the west side of the valley for the last few days, that would be me.

You see, I’ve been trying  to get this &#&%ing blog set up and if it weren’t for chocolate chip cookies and Southpark episodes, my computer would have been crushed under my garage door–repeatedly. My laptop likes to think for me. Since I’m not always thinking clearly–that’s not hard to do. But in THIS case, I wanted it to mind me. And it didn’t care. No amount of mouse banging, button pushing, cord wiggling or cupboard door slamming could make my computer work any faster.

Notice the little gallery of photos at the top of my blog? That took 48 HOURS of screeching until my lungs were scraped raw to make that work. Changing the font? An additional 12 hours of sobbing into my pillow. And don’t even ASK about how I added links. I’m still recovering.

So as AMAZING as this blog is today–expect changes as we go along. God help us.

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