It’s National Women’s History Month. Whatever.

How cute of men to designate March as National Women’s History Month. Because we’re not quite patronized enough.

For every Eleanor Roosevelt or Florence Nightingale recognized for their contributions to society, there are millions of smart, creative, wise women who live below the radar, undervalued and oppressed.

Maybe men feel that if they give us a month to honor our accomplishments, we’ll stop nagging about equality. Maybe if they pat our heads and tell us “Good job” they’ll hope we forget that men continue to get higher incomes, are appointed to more leadership roles and earn more respect in society.

And it’s not just equality, have you watched any CSI episode or police procedural? It seems every episode must include one sexual predator with insane issues who delights in torturing women, and TV shows have at least one scene where a woman in a tank top is tied to a chair.

Women’s contributions are crucial to global success. We run companies. We work hard. We teach our children.  In fact, one study showed that people who give birth are 100 percent women. But whether we’re running for President of the United States or working our hearts out to provide for our families, we’re consistently undervalued.

  • Nearly one quarter of girls in the world will be married before their 18th birthday.
  • In UTAH (!) there is an increasingly high rate of sex trafficking.
  • Many women in the workplace are still told to look pretty, act demure and don’t talk too much.
  • A former employer once called a temp agency, requesting someone “hot.”
  • For every $1 men make in the U.S., women make .78.
  • Martha Stewart went to jail for insider trading. MARTHA FREAKING STEWART! Of ALL the Wall Street Executives who completely destroyed our economy in 2007, only ONE man was sent to prison. (Did you read they “Destroyed our Economy?!)
  • When women get upset, men assume we’re hormonal.  Or just bitches.
  • Utah was ranked the second worst state for gender equality.
  • Yesterday, golfer Dustin Johnson won the men’s Cadillac Championship and received $1, 570,000. Yesterday, golfer Inbee Park won the HSBC Women’s Championships, receiving $210,000. (Plus, her name was spelled wrong in the Salt Lake Tribune.)
  • Women earn the majority of college degrees, but only 4.6 percent of Fortune 500 CEOS are women.
  • When NFL player Ray Rice assaulted his wife and was indicted on aggravated assault charges, he wasn’t suspended from the Ravens until MONTHS later, and initially, only for two games. When U.S. goalkeeper Hope Solo was drunk and belligerent to police officers when her husband was pulled over for a DUI, she was suspended from the team for 30 days. Immediately. And she wasn’t even arrested.
  • A former employer would routinely and condescendingly ask me, “How’s that little project of yours coming along?” It didn’t matter if I was negotiating world peace or organizing an event. It was always “that little project.”
  • Pictures of Kim Kardashian’s ass still go viral. And we’ve already seen her ass too many times.

Yesterday, the Clinton Foundation introduced #NoCeilings, and #NotThere was used to explain that while we’re making progress in women’s rights, we’re not there yet.

I’m not a man hater, I’m not a feminist, I’m just someone who believes that women are amazing, that men are amazing–and that by working together as equals we could reach an entirely new level of amazing. Strong women don’t need a man’s good opinion to feel validated, but high self-esteem and confidence only get us so far when it comes to equality.

6 thoughts on “It’s National Women’s History Month. Whatever.

  1. It’s funny Peri, when the thought of being a fermium as to mean that were are radicalized and militant in our reproachful gender inequality. Sister Joan Chinnester said that, and I am paraphrasing, that when we only use 50%of our brain power, (read men power) that we simply are not using a 100% of our combined ability to achieve our combined interests. If women make up half of the worlds population, should we not be involved in 50% of the worlds decision making? If we tell our daughters to work hard so they can only achieve or succeed 50% of what are sons achieve, have we created and reaffirmed a lie perpetrated by women themselves? Why we when celebrate men’s achievements is that called encouragement and when we celebrate women’s achievement we call it “feminism”? I don’t want women’s month, I want the equality and the ability for women to be able to choose their own destiny and not to have my abilities to be defined by the other half of the population. Great post.


  2. I love everything about you, your blog, and everything you said. But I have to disagree on one point. You ARE the definition of “Feminist” and that’s not a bad thing. You may not be a militant, man-hating feminist, but you are a feminist. You want equality for women. That’s feminism. Women AND men can be feminists and I believe we should take back this word. I don’t know when it became unpalatable to be called a “feminist” but I am proud to call myself one. And I’m raising my daughters, along with my husband, to be feminists too. So, come to the dark side, Peri. Embrace your feminism. 🙂

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  3. Many great points there — sometimes I wonder what it was we fought for back when my peers and I were running around braless (in retrospect, what???) and demanding equal rights.
    Personally i feel that seeing KK’s ass even once is too much. I spend a lot of time while watching television saying, “That is just more of her than I want to see.” It’s not that i’m a prude but back in the day, we were trying to get away from being sex objects and now it seems far too many women are embracing that role.

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