Versatile Blogger?

I’ve been called many things (usually accompanied by a waving of the middle finger) but I’ve never been called versatile. But thanks to The Gratitude Garden blog, I’ve been nominated for the Versatile blogger award.

Thanks so much for the nomination–and now the pressure to keep writing funny AND versatile blogs for the rest of eternity.

As part of this award, I need to share 7 things about me that no one knows. But then I’ll have to kill all of you. It’s nothing personal, of course.

1. I was a very precocious and obnoxious child. (Now, I’m a precocious, obnoxious adult.)

2. I once failed a spelling test intentionally so my best friend wouldn’t feel bad about screwing up the test the week before.

3. I was born in a quaint, small town by the name of Dallas, Texas (You might have heard of it. Maybe not) and moved to the bustling cosmopolitan city of Salt Lake when I was still in diapers. (Of course, I was also 13).

4. I always wanted to be a prima ballerina. But I’m about 6″ and 100 lbs. too big for that dream.

5. I had NO idea what I was doing as a mother.

6. Would rather read than do almost anything. (Occasional exceptions: yoga, sex, eating)

7. I ate my daughters’ Halloween candy while they were at school. (See #5)

And now, here are my 15 nominations for the Versatile Blogger Award:

1. The Can’t Stay At Home Mom.

2. Technicolor Day Dreams: And a BIG thank you to this blogger who also nominated me for the award.

3. My Organized Chaos 

4. Inkings and Inklings

5. Pechaflickr

6. Travel Destination Bucket List

7. Dreaming of Hope

8. MJCache

9. Paltry Meanderings

10. Caorthine

11. Sarah’s Place

12. The Healthy Diva

13. Sarah Smiles Awhile

14. Apronhead

15. The Bernard Charles Show

Thanks again for the nomination. Keep blogging!


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13 responses to “Versatile Blogger?

  1. Wow thanks for the nomination!!! Love your 7 things….the halloween candy one made me laugh :)

  2. Congrats. The nomination is well deserved. Keep writing!

  3. Sarah

    Wow, thank you! I really appreciate the nomination. :)

    Love your blog!! LOVE your writing.

  4. kimberbro

    Well deserved nomination!! I love your blog and the laughs induced by your scintillating humor. I’ve been caught lol’ing many times thanks to you. And I thank you!!

  5. Congrats! I have only been following your blog for a few days but I can see why the nomination was put forward. Keep up the good work, love your stuff!

  6. Peri — Thanks for the Versatile Blogger Nomination for ellenbooks (it’s linked here as PechaFlickr)! Will try to do you justice :)

  7. Congratulations on your nominations ….. loved your 7 things!!!

  8. Pingback: Me? Versatile? Right… – Sarah's Place

  9. RNB

    I just found your blog, and enjoyed reading the 7 things. Congrats on the nominations! As a fellow borrower of other people’s Halloween candy, I salute you.

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